The park with hundred year old trees, oak tree, pine tree, chestnust tree, where various species of birds, such as owls, goldfinch, green woodpecker, buzzard, swallow, blue tit are nesting, provides a graceful and peaceful environment. There are no nuisances, pollution or disgraceful visual features.


The setting sun in the west is a sight to behold.You can savor the quietude of the scenery lying in a hammock, under the lime-tree, enjoy the extensive views over the Pyrenees.

Shared swimming-pool access
Monday to Wednesday : all day

Thursday to Saturday : all day till 7 P.M.
Sunday : opens at 5 P.M.


Video Production:

- Drone ysos
- Adn drone prise
- Tozz lab

- Swing Rencontre Trio

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